Songs of a Dead Dreamer

Songs of a Dead Dreamer is a 1986 short story collection by horror fiction writer Thomas Ligotti; DJ Spooky borrowed the title for his first full-length record.

The first edition of Ligotti's book was produced in paperback by Silver Scarab Press, limited to 300 copies. It was re-released in an expanded and revised edition in 1989 by Carroll and Graff. Both editions of the book contain a laudatory introduction by Ramsey Campbell.


Part 1: Dreams for Sleepwalkers

  • "The Frolic"
  • "Les Fleurs"
  • "Alice's Last Adventure"
  • "Dream of a Mannikin"
  • The Nyctalops Trilogy
    • "The Chymist"
    • "Drink to me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes"
    • "Eye of the Lynx"
  • "Notes on the Writing of Horror: A Story"

Part 2: Dreams for Insomniacs

  • "The Christmas Eves of Aunt Elise: A Tale of Possession in Old Grosse Pointe"
  • "The Lost Art of Twilight"
  • "The Troubles of Dr. Thoss"
  • "Masquerade of a Dead Sword: A Tragedie"
  • "Dr. Voke and Mr. Veech"
  • "Professor Nobody's Little Lectures on Supernatural Horror"

Part 3: Dreams for the Dead

  • "Dr. Locrian's Asylum"
  • "Sect of the Idiot"
  • "The Greater Festival of Masks"
  • "The Music of the Moon"
  • "The Journal of J.P. Drapeau"
  • "Vastarien"

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