Nurse midwife

In the United States, a nurse-midwife is an advanced practice nurse who has specialized in the practice of obstetrical and gynecological care of relatively healthy women. Most nurse-midwives have a Master of Science in Nursing in addition to being a Registered Nurse. Nurse-midwives practice in hospitals and medical clinics, and may also deliver in birthing centers and at home. They are able to prescribe medications in all 50 states. Nurse Midwives provide care to women from puberty through menopause. Nurse-midwives may work closely with an obstetrician, who provides consultation and assistance to patients who develop complications. Often, women with high risk pregnancies can receive the benefits of midwifery care from a nurse-midwife in collaboration with a physician. Currently 2% of nurse-midwives are men. The American College of Nurse-Midwives accredits nurse-midwifery education programs and serves as the national specialty society for the nation's certified nurse-midwives.

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