Mint condition

Mint condition is an expression used in the description of pre-owned goods. Originally, the phrase comes from the way collectors describe the condition of coins. As the name given to a coin factory is a 'mint', then mint condition is the condition a coin is in as it leaves the mint. Over time, the term "mint" began to be used to describe many different items having excellent, like-new quality.

When describing trading cards, perfect condition is used to describe the condition as it is when pulled from a pack, mint would be new but opened.

Mint condition is often used to describe a collectible item such as a model figure, doll, or toy that has never been removed from its box (NRFB), or in some cases is as good as new without any scratches or other. The term is also very widely used in record collecting and comic books.

MOC (Mint On Card) is sometimes used to described mint condition collectibles like action figures.


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