Classix Nouveaux

Classix Nouveaux were a 1980s new wave band from England. They are best known for their 1982 single - "Is It A Dream" - a Number 11 hit record in the UK Singles Chart.



The break up of X-Ray Spex triggered an advertisement to be placed in Melody Maker, searching for a new lead singer. Sal Solo (formerly with The News) answered the advertisement. Jak Airport and B. P. Hurding left X-Ray Spex to form Classix Nouveaux with Mik Sweeney and Sal Solo. Their first gig was in August 1979 at Camden Palace. With publicity growing for the band, their dramatic and heavily made up image helped quickly associate them with the New Romantic movement, alongside bands like Japan and Ultravox. In 1980, they signed to EMI and released their first studio recording single, "Robots Dance". They also performed for the first time on television on Thames TV in London.

Night People

In 1981 the band released their album, Night People, featuring the single "Guilty".

Album track listing: "Forward", "Guilty", "Run Away", "No Sympathy No Violins", "Inside Outside", "623", "Every Home Should Have One", "Tokyo, Or A Movie", "Soldier", "The Protector Of Night". CD bonus tracks: "The Robot's Dance", "Nasty Little Green Men", "Test Tube Babies", "Night People", "Old World For Sale", "627", "We Don't Bite".

La Verité

Releasing their next album La Verité in 1982, led to the release of their highest charting single, "Is It A Dream". The band toured worldwide.

Album track listing: "Foreward", "Is It A Dream", "To Believe", "Because You're Young", "Six To Eight", "La Verité", "Never Again", "It's All Over", "1999", "I Will Return", "Finale". CD bonus tracks: "It's Not Too Late, Where To Go".


1983 saw the release of their final album, Secret featuring tracks such as "Never Never Comes" and "Heart From The Start", which saw them become one of the first modern bands to perform in communist Poland. The hysteria formed by their visits to Poland were compared to the mania surrounding The Beatles. American producer Alex Sadkin produced the album.

Album track listing: "All Around The World", "Manitou", "Heart From The Start", "The Fire Inside", "Forever And A Day", "Never Never Comes", "The Unloved", "When They All Have Gone", "No Other Way".


Band members continued to come and go, and by the end of the band's existence Sal Solo was the only original member remaining.

Solo went on to become heavily involved in Catholicism, releasing several Christian-oriented albums after Classix Nouveaux's break up. Mik Sweeney went on to move to Los Angeles, California where he built fretless basses and recorded studio session work; he currently lives in Ireland. Gary Steadman went on to join A Flock of Seagulls. Jimi Sumen became a record producer in Finland and released a number of successful solo works there.

The band's full-length albums were re-issued by Cherry Red Records. In 2006 River Records released The River Sessions, which was recorded live at Strathclyde University in 1982.



Year Album UK U.S.
1980 Classix Nouveaux - -
1981 Night People - -
1982 La Verité - -
1983 Secret - -
1997 The Very Best of Classix Nouveaux - -
2006 The River Sessions - -


Year Song UK U.S.
1980 "The Robots Dance" - -
1980 "Nasty Little Green Men" - -
1981 "Guilty" 43 -
1981 "Toyko" 67 -
1981 "Inside Outside" 45 -
1982 "Never Again (The Days Time Erased)" 44 -
1982 "Is It A Dream" 11 -
1982 "Because You're Young" 43 -
1983 "The End...Or The Beginning" 60 -
1983 "Forever And A Day" 83 -
1983 "Never Never Comes" - -

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