Nottaway, river, c.140 mi (230 km) long, issuing from Mattagami Lake, W Que., Canada, and flowing NW into S James Bay. It is noted for sturgeon. The Waswanipi River (c.195 mi/310 km long) is its chief headstream.
The Nottaway River is a river in Quebec, Canada. The river drains Lake Matagami and travels 225 km emptying into Rupert Bay at the south end of James Bay. Its drainage basin is 65,800 km² (25,400 sq. mile) and has a mean discharge of 1190 m³/s (1556 yd³/s).

The Nottaway, together with the Broadback and Rupert Rivers, was initially considered to be dammed and developed as part of the James Bay Project. But in 1972 hydro-electric development began on the more northerly La Grande and Eastmain Rivers, and the NBR Project was shelved. With the decision to divert the Rupert River to the La Grande, it is not likely that the Nottaway will be developed in the foreseeable future.


Major tributaries of the Nottaway River include:


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