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Tokyo Notice Board

Tokyo Notice Board is a free weekly English-language classifieds or want advertisement magazine established in 1998 that mainly contains small ads with a few articles sent in by readers. Classifieds include accommodations, sales and wanted, language lessons, employment, services, and personals. The TNB also posts local events that range from traditional Japanese festivals to daytime and evening social gatherings. The Tokyo Notice Board is published by Tokyo Notice Board Inc.

Featured Articles are often written, with encouragement from the staff, by amateur writers, both foreign and native. They usually express a point of view of Japan from an exploring-foreign-tourist perspective. Both prose and poetry are published.

The Readership is primarily composed of English speaking foreigners who seek information to ease their stay while in Tokyo. However, the featured articles are simultaeously published with a Japanese translation making it available for Japanese locals wanting to find out more about visitors' opinions of Japan and particularly Tokyo. Classifieds are occationally in other languages, including Japanese.

Magazine Design and Distribution

The pages are half the size (A5) of most other magazines (A4) and it has frequent typesetting and proof-reading errors. It has some 42 distribution areas inside and even beyond the central Tokyo area. The magazine can be found in cities such as Shibuya and Roppongi but its distribution reaches as far as the suburban Kanto city of Chiba to the east and other distant areas such as Kansai to the west. It is distributed at, usually foreign patroned, restaurants and night clubs and also at U.S. military bases, private companies, embassies and hotels. The magazine's circulation is unknown.

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