NORDUnet is an international collaboration between the Nordic national computer networks for research and education. The members of NORDUnet are:

NORDUnet interconnects these networks and connects them to the worldwide network for research and education and to the general purpose Internet. NORDUnet provides its services by a combination of leased lines and Internet services provided by other international operators.

In addition to the basic Internet service NORDUnet operates information services and provides USENET NetNews and Multicast connectivity to the Nordic national networks. NORDUnet also coordinates the Nordic national networks' IPv6 activities including the 6NET project and the national networks' CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) activities.

NORDUnet has only few permanent employees. Most of the work is contracted to appropriate organisations in the Nordic area.

NORDUnet is the result of the NORDUNET programme (1986 to 1992) financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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