non functional

Non-Functional Requirements framework

NFR (Non-Functional Requirements) is a framework on Goal Modelling. The analysis begins with softgoals that represent NFR which stakeholders agree upon. Softgoals are goals that are hard to express, but tend to be global qualities of a software system.These could be usability, performance, security and flexibility in a given system. These softgoals are then usually decomposed and refined to uncover a tree structure of goals and subgoals for e.g. the flexibility softgoal. Once uncovering tree structures, one is bound to find interfering softgoals in different trees, e.g. security goals generally interferes with usability. These softgoal trees now form a softgoal graph structure. The final step in this analysis is to pick some particular leaf softgoals, so that all the root softgoals are satisfied.


Mylopoulos, Chung, and Yu: “From Object-oriented to Goal-oriented Requirements Analysis" Communications of the ACM, January 1999 [CACM.f.doc ]

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