Nomo is an Afro-beat band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Fela Kuti-inspired band formed at the University of Michigan. Fronted by Elliott Bergman, the band has recorded for Ubiquity Records and Ypsilanti Records. The band has been recorded by His Name Is Alive frontman Warn Defever. Members of Nomo also perform on various His Name Is Alive albums, including Detrola, XMMER, and Sweet Earth Flower. Members include nine core members; Bergman (saxophone, percussion, electric mbira, and electric sawblade gamelan), Erik Hall (guitar, Nu-Tone Cymbals, and drums), Jamie Register (bass, vocals), Quin Kirchner (congas, drums, percussion), Dan Piccolo (drums, percussion), Dan Bennett (baritone saxophone, percussion), Justin Walter (trumpet, wah-wah), Joey Dosix (alto saxophone), and Ingrid Racine (trumpet, percussion).



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