[noh-ginsk; Russ. nuh-gyeensk]
Noginsk, city (1989 pop. 123,000), central European Russia, on the Klyazma River. It is a major textile center, processing cotton, silk, and wool. Founded in the 16th cent. as Rogozhi, the city was later called Bogorodsk; it was renamed Noginsk in 1930.

Noginsk (Ногинск) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 30 km from Moscow. Population: 117,555 (2002 Census); 123,020 (1989 Census). Throughout the 19th century and for a good part of the 20th century, it was a major textile center, processing cotton, silk, and wool. This Moscow satellite's industrial production is now concentrated on ceramics (two major holdings), food (Biserovo fisheries and a fish factory in Noginsk), beverage (one of Russia's biggest beverage producers is located in the Noginsk vicinities)and construction materials. Noginsk is a transportation hub being the intersection of the Nizhny Novgorod highway M7 (E22) and the Moscow Minor Ring.

Founded in 1389 as Rogozhi, the city was later mentioned as Bogorodsk - a City of the Mother of God - in a Catherine the Great decree in around 1781; it was renamed Noginsk in 1930 after Communist textile boss Viktor Nogin. Some of the city's companies, such as Bogorodsk Brewery and Bogorodskavtotrans (local transportation company), still bear the name of Bogorodsk.

Construction of a new toll highway is now underway, The project route will lie to the south of the current one, between Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) Highway and Nosovikhinskoye Highway. Prospectively, estimated travel time from Moscow is 20 minutes. See the map at

Rapid transit prospects now lie in the dimension of the fast steetcar connecting Noginsk's transport system to Moscow's Ivanovskoye - Shosse Entuziastov line.

At Noginsk, there is at 55°50'8"N 38°20'37"E a guyed mast of a longwave broadcasting station.

Vladimir Laptev was the Mayor of Noginsk until 2005. Current mayor is Vladimir Khvatov.

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