no name


No-Name of the Brood is a fictional character in the . She is a Sleazoid Brood Queen who first appeared as a main character in the Planet Hulk storyline of The Incredible Hulk

Fictional character history

Brood Queen from the planet Sakaar who becomes the lover of insect king Miek. During World War Hulk, when it was discovered that Miek was the one who let the shuttle that brought Hulk to Sakaar explode (destroying the planet), "No-Name" and Hulk attacked Miek.

Near the end of the War the "Earth Hive", the shared consciousness of every insect on Earth, use Humbug as a Trojan Horse to deal a crippling blow to No-Name, rendering her infertile and poisoning the last generation of hivelings, growing into Humbug's body.

Currently on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. with the Warbound. In World War Hulk: Aftersmash! Warbound #4, it was revealed that, shortly after the Red King's defeat, she and Miek sired several crossbreed insectoids. Completely mindless and savage, the young ran amok and had to be killed by their own mother. Even thought she killed them similar crossbreeds have appeared as the pets of Hulk's son Skaar


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