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No Kidding!

No Kidding! International is an International non-profit social club created for singles and couples who have never had children, regardless of the reason. Some of their members are childfree, i.e. they do not intend to have children. The first chapter of this organization was begun by Jerry Steinberg (the "Founding Non-Father" of NO KIDDING!) in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1984. There are numerous chapters in Canada, the United States and several other countries. The organization is still expanding; people may start new chapters anywhere in the world.

The stated purpose of No Kidding! is to give childless and childfree adults a place to talk about interesting topics without being alienated by peers who consistently talk about their kids, and the opportunity to make new childfree friends. Anyone who has never been a parent, regardless of the reason, is permitted to join. The club organises a wide range of activities, including hiking, wine & cheese parties, restaurant dinners, concerts, etc.

The organization has annual conventions where people from all over the U.S. and Canada gather. The first convention was held in 2002. So far, conventions have been held in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Seattle, Philadelphia and Toronto. The 2008 convention will be held in New York City and "Chapter One" will host the 25th anniversary convention in Vancouver in 2009.

No Kidding!'s chapters, founder and spokespeople have made numerous media appearances, including WB 11 News in New York City, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 , Fox News Chicago, Business Week , CBS News , the Sally Jessy Raphael Show, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune , , RAI, Arte, and the Oxygen Network, as well as local newspapers, radio shows and TV programs.


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