Niitsu, city (1990 pop. 63,999), Niigata prefecture, W central Honshu, Japan. Niitsu is an important transportation hub and commercial center.
was a city located in Niigata, Japan.

As of 2003, the city has an estimated population of 66,058 and the density of 843.87 persons per km². The total area is 78.28 km².

The city was founded on January 1, 1951. The city was amagalated into the city of Niigata on March 21, 2005. Starting April 1, 2007, the area is part of Akiha-ku ward.


The Akiba hill extends to the south of the city. Surroundings in the Akiba hill are the plains parts. The Shinano river flows to the east side of the city on Aganogawa and the west side and small Aganogawa where Aganogawa and the Shinano river are connected flows to the north side. Moreover, the Niitsu river (Noshiru river) flows to the south north in the center part in the city.


  • Kitaco railway (present Shinetsu Main Line) opening to traffic and Niitsu Station opening on November 20, 1897.
  • It becomes Niitsu City by the municipal organization enforcement on January 1, 1951.
  • It is incorporated into Niigata City on March 21, 2005, and it disappears.

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