NFD (originally Noise for Destruction) are a London-based hybrid metal band formed by Peter "Bob" White and Simon Rippin (both formerly of Sensorium) and Tony Pettit (formerly of Fields of the Nephilim).

Band members


NFD have a distinguished rock background. They comprise Tony Pettitt, the Fields Of The Nephilim founder-bassist, who teamed up with vocalist/guitarist Peter "Bob" White and drummer Simon Rippin when the Nephilim reunion floundered in 2002. Simon was previously in both The Nefilim and Fields of the Nephilim line-ups, as well as together with Bob in Sensorium. For live gigs they bring in two extra guitarists, Chris Milden and Steve Carey.

Their Nephilim roots gave them immediate attention from that bands still devoted following. Metal Hammer said: An absolute must-have. And Germanys Sonic Seducer called it Possibly THE gothrock album of the year. The German press in particular have got behind the band with regular features in Zillo, Orkus & Sonic Seducer magazines.

NFD have performed at numerous festivals, both in the UK (Whitby headline, Dark City, Witchfest) and Germany (Mera Luna, Zillo, Wave-Gotik Treffen, Burgnachte, Herbsnachte) supporting the likes of Skinny Puppy & 69Eyes and toured UK & Europe on their own and with Mortiis, Umbro Et Imago & The Mission.



  • "Light My Way", March 2006
  • "When The Sun Dies", February 2008


  • Break the Silence, October 2003


  • No Love Lost, October 2004
  • No Love Lost: Live and Unleashed, May 2005
  • Dead Pool Rising, June 2006
  • Deeper Visions, April 2008

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