Plural; 'Nexuses' or 'Nexus'. A nexus is a connection or the centre of something.

Nexus may refer to:

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In publishing

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In organizations

In fiction

Other uses

  • Nexus (standard), a debugging connector for embedded systems
  • NEXUS (rocket), a heavy-lift booster concept designed by General Dynamics
  • NEXUS (frequent traveller program), border clearance program between Canada and United States.
  • Nexus Grammar System, a system of analysing text
  • Shimano nexus, a bicycle component line
  • Family nexus, a common viewpoint of family members in psychiatry and psychology
  • 2C-B or Nexus, a psychedelic entheogen drug
  • Nexus, a provision of the Constitution of Australia
  • "Nexus" is the name of a number of nightclubs across the globe.
  • There is a tax nexus that exists for corporations that do business in more than one state.
  • Nexus, the original name of the first web browser, WorldWideWeb.
  • Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager (
  • NeXus is a common data format for neutron, x-ray, and muon science (
  • Nexus is a modular switching system designed by Cisco to deliver 10 Gigabit Ethernet and unified fabric in the data center.
  • a nexus in whiteheadian process philosophy is an what is traditionally called an object, composed of multiple occasions (basic events) that are together with one another.

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