Next World

Next World

Next World was BoA's second remix album after her Peace B Remixes album in 2002. It featured remixes many of her hit songs, and collection of several English version of her songs from previous singles.

Track listing

  1. "Holiday / PALMDRIVE" featuring BoA & FIRSTKLAS
  2. "奇蹟" — Kiseki (Soul'd OUT Remix)
  3. "Flying Without Wings / Westlife" featuring BoA
  4. "Show Me What You Got"(DJ WATARAI REMIX) / BRATZ featuringBoA&Howie D.
  6. "Shine We Are!" (GROOVE THAT SOUL REMIX) / Remixed by G.T.S
  7. "Flower" (D.I's "Luv hurts"REMIX) / Remixed by Daisuke Imai featuringLISA
  8. "Winding Road" (featuring DABO)
  9. "Everything Needs Love" (Piano-pella) / Mondo Grosso featuring BoA
  10. "Valenti" (English version)
  11. "Every Heart" (English version)
  12. "Listen To My Heart" (English version)
  13. "Amazing Kiss" (English version)

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