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Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 2

Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 began airing on May 30, 2007. Jay Manuel serves as the host after season 1 host Tricia Helfer left to pursue her acting career. Serving as judges are Jeanne Beker, who is the only returning judge from last season, Paul Alexander, and Yasmin Warsame. The finale aired on July 18 2007 in which Rebecca Hardy defeated Sinead Brady and won the competition.

About The Show

The popular Canadian reality series, based on the successful America's Next Top Model franchise, premiered on Wednesday, May 30 at 8:00pm on Citytv.

Hosted by Jay Manuel (America's Next Top Model, Style Her Famous, Fashion Police), each one-hour episode is built around a different aspect of the modelling profession. In Toronto, participants must demonstrate both inner and outer beauty as they learn to master the catwalk, fashion photo shoots and dealing with the glare of the media, all under the watchful eye of television cameras that chronicle every move. One cast member is eliminated each week and the last model standing will win the coveted title of Canada's Next Top Model.

Episode Summaries

Tantrums, Tresses And Tears!

Original Airdate: June 6, 2007

The episode begins with the girls getting Jay mail telling them to look in the mirror and say goodbye. Makeover time! Most of the girls are happy with their makeovers with the exception of Gina who resists at first and Rebecca who now feels she looks more like a freak than a high fashion model. Sinead, who gets her hair chopped really short, is in tears but claims it is because she is thinking of her sister who once had a tumor in her head, and wants to donate her hair. She then rocks her post makeover photo shoot and wins a $5000.00 credit card from Visa for having the best attitude about the makeover, thus winning the challenge.

Upon arriving back at the house the girls are excited to find a hot tub has been delivered in their absence. Gina wants to get in but says she needs to spend time away from the girls who are annoying her. Tara asserts her personality over the rest of the girls who are afraid she might beat them up.

The next day the girls are taken to a Toronto photo studio to do a beauty shot posing with dead sea life on their heads as follows:

Model Sea animal
Cori Lobster
Gina Squid
Jacqueline Caviar and Eel
Mo Fish
Rebecca Eel
Sinead Baby Octopus
Steff Snail Shells
Tara Crab
Tia Crayfish

Steff, whose biggest fear in life is a dead baby octopus, dissolves into tears upon learning she will be wearing just that. Her tantrum forces the hair and makeup team to instead give Sinead the octopus and glue snail shells on Steff's head to calm her down.

Following her photo session Kaela leaves the set with stylist Gisela Castillo to do some shopping at Holt Renfrew, and returns with some fashionable items and a gift of a bracelet for each girl. Tara-Marie reveals she was jealous of Sinead's good fortune. Once the girls are back at the house they find identical little black dresses which they can customize to portray their sense of individual style at the next day's elimination. The challenge at panel is to compliment their dress from a selection of accessories. Sinead stands out to the judges as the girl whose personal sense of style far outshines the rest. During Sabrina's feedback Sinead falls to the ground from dehydration but is soon back up on her feet. With the exceptions of Sabrina, and Julie, the judges are very happy with the girls' photos, and soon place Steff and Jacqueline, whose photo was well received, in the bottom two because she was thought to be "forgettable". Even more surprising to all is when Jacqueline and not Steff, whom the judges feel photographs like a man, and not a pretty one at that, is eliminated. Amidst a flury of tears Jacqueline departs the set, the house, and the running towards becoming Canada's Next Top Model.

  • Bottom two: Steff Groulx & Jacqueline Blackman
  • Eliminated: Jacqueline Blackman
  • Featured photographer: Dan Lim
  • Special guests: Gino Garcia, Gisela Castillo, John van der Schilden, and Dan Lim

Skating On Thin Ice...

Original Airdate: June 13, 2007

The remaining girls meet with J. Alexander to learn how to do a model walk. But before that, the girls meet some guys at an ice rink to skate and move. Later on, a small runway is set up on the rink and the girls, one by one, are asked to walk for Jay. He gives everyone feedback on what they are doing. Based on his advice and coached backstage by Stacey McKenzie, the girls are to do a walk at MuchMusic with the audience. The audience's responses help determine who had a strong or weak walk.

The girls, all dressed in tight pink outfits and with their faces veiled, are asked to one-by-one walk for the audience, holding an item (e.g. apple, whisk). Tara wins this challenge and gets a diamond watch, in which she is claimed to have flaunted her victory in the other girls' faces. The other girls are annoyed with Tara's attitude. Only Gina manages to stick around with Tara, while she later has a dispute with Steff about disrespecting Jacqueline, earlier eliminated.

Following the model walks, the girls shoot for a commercial for Venus razors with Nolé. They must memorize lines that advertise the razors in front of a camera. Nolé is impressed with a few of the girls, but feels that some of them aren't as good. Steff, who seems confident at first, forgets her lines during the shoot. Cori was praised by Nolé for how well she did, however, when she was judged, she was accused of having "dancing eyebrows". Gina was accused of smiling too much. Tara-Marie failed to show her personality in this challenge, while she did not sound enthusiastic enough. Rebecca's voice did not serve her well during this challenge and Tia broke down in tears before her shoot because she was nervous that her dyslexia would get in the way of her doing a good job at her commercial. Mo admitted that her accent pushed down her performance.

During elimination, the girls had to show their walks to the judges, to show what they had learned from Jay Alexander and Stacey McKenzie. Together, they later see their compiled commercial for Venus and each of them are judged off their best lines of the day during the commercial shoot. In the end, Steff and Gina are left standing at the bottom two. They are compared by Jay Manuel - what's more important, dynamic personality or a pretty picture? Gina stays and Steff is sent home disappointed.

  • Bottom two: Steff Groulx & Gina Guimont
  • Eliminated: Steff Groulx
  • Featured photographer:
  • Special guests: J. Alexander

Getting Carried Away

Original Airdate: June 20, 2007

The episode begins with a JayMail hinting that the girls will try their hands at being a Jeanne: Jeanne Beker. Rebecca is furious with Tia for being so loud, annoying and using her shoes to practice runway without Rebecca's permission. Jeanne sits each girl down and gives them a mock interview illustrating the difficulties that may arise in such situations. Tara can barely stay awake and Tia gets scolded by Jeanne for not paying attention. Next each contestant tries her hand at being the interviewer with a Degrassi cast member who does his best to throw each girl off with his rudeness, succeeding with all but Mo and Sinead. Sinead is once again the challenge winner and as her prize gets to cover a real Toronto fashion week show as a correspondent for Fashion Television. She gives a great interview with the designers and arrives home to her other prizes, a 37" flat screen tv, and a house full of jealous competitors. Another day, another JayMail. This time he warns the girls not to get too "cocky" and "hit cruise control" or they could be blown out of the competition. It turns out the photoshoot that day has each girl posing with a $2 million helicopter and the yet to be released 2008 CTF Cadillac. Decked out in expensive jewelry and gowns it is their charge to give a glamourous and sophisticated shot. Mo rocks the shoot while Gina, Sinead, and Cori struggle. Back at the house the girls are soon at each other's throats and harsh words, tensions and tears are soon at an all-time high. The hockey players they had met previously arrive just in time to change the house dynamic. The girls party hard with their guests, including Rebecca who gets very close and personal with one guy despite having a boyfriend back at home.

Soon they are back in the elimination room where Gina is not surprised to find herself once again in the bottom of the pack, but Cori is shocked as it is unfamiliar territory for her. Cori is soon put out of her misery as it is Gina and not her who is sent, literally, packing.

Jumping Off The Deep End

Original Airdate: June 27, 2007

The episode starts off with Tara and Tia getting evicted from their room, forcing the remaining contestants to all share a single room. In protest, Tara creates a makeshift bed for herself on the living room couch. The girls are taken to the Yorkville Gym to take a spin class under Stacey McKenzie. Cori struggles and, post-workout, finds herself in the washroom throwing up.

Next up, one-on-ones with Jay. Tara reveals that her mother went blind as a result of being poisoned and is sad her mom will never see her dance again. Jay tells Rebecca she needs to come out of her shell, Cori that she must show more confidence and less fragility, and Sinead that she needs to be more of a competitor and less of a friend to all the girls.

The next stop Stacey takes the neophyte models to is Flirty Girl Fitness studio for a pole dancing lesson. Mo is embarrassed, Sinead is too shy, Tara, the resident dancer, does very well but it is Cori who shows the most growth who takes her first challenge win. She picks Tia and Rebecca to share her prize of a day at a spa. Tara in the confessional booth reveals she was shocked she did not win, and possibly out of jealousy chastises Cori for being annoying and her incessant foul language, saying, "she literally reminds me of trash."

Photoshoot time and this week, the girls tackle an editorial concept while jumping on a trampoline. Cori, as part of her win received one and a half more frames than the others as well as the opportunity to stop, examine her shots, and modify her poses accordingly. It definitely helps as she nails the shoot. Mo has a difficult time, but not as much as Tia who gets only one great shot by luck. Tara is told her poses are too much like those of a dancer and not a high fashion model, and when it comes time to go to judging panel she lands herself in the bottom two with Mo. Jay throws Tara a life line and it is Mo who is then eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Mo Ninalowo
  • Eliminated: Mo Ninalowo
  • Featured photographer: John van der Schilden
  • Special guests: Chris Csak and Krista Knee

Some Girls Have All The Luck

Original Airdate: July 4, 2007

In this episode, the challenge for the girls is to go on go-sees. They draw straws; the girl with the shortest straw must go by herself while the other four girls must be in pairs of two. Tara, to her dismay, ends up with Cori, while Sinead and Tia end up together. Rebecca must go by herself and vows to win the challenges. As the girls perform their go-sees, Cori grates Tara's nerves more and more. Sinead and Tia do rather well, but Rebecca seems to impress all the clients the most with her high-fashion look and confidence. At one client, Rebecca crosses paths with Tia and Sinead. Tia informs Rebecca that they did not have to go in order of the locations (each location on the map is marked as "A, "B", "C", and so on). Rebecca is dismayed and has little time, thus cannot see the remaining clients.

Jay gather the girls and tells them the results. He first reveals the prize: a ring worth about $5,000. Rebecca ends up in fifth place, but Jay says her scores were high, implying if she had made other appointments, she could have won. Tia in fourth place; she was even across the board but missed an appointment. Tara was in third place-- she made all her appointments but was "just above average." Cori had high and low scores across the board but made all her appointments. Sinead missed one appointment and had high marks. Ultimately Cori won. Tara is disgruntled because she had helped Cori. Tia reveals that a lot of girls think Cori is fake and brown-noses during the panel.

A few days later, the girls on their photoshoot and Nole tells them they will be modeling the new Chocolate cell phone by LG. They will also be wearing lingerie. He reveals their photographer: Nigel Barker, who impresses the girls greatly. The girls will also be posing with two large dogs.

After the shoot, the girls are invited to go to dinner with Nigel. Cori is particularly pleased, though nervous, and the other girls are getting annoyed by her complaining. She feels even more uneasy when it is revealed that they are going to an Indian restaurant because she prefers American food. At the restaurant, Cori hides her feelings and eats the food, lying that she likes it, though she cannot finish it. The other girls feel somewhat amused, watching Nigel serve Cori food she does not enjoy.

At judging, the special guest is Nigel Barker. During individual evaluations, Tia's photo gets praised for showing a "new attitude", but Nole said Tia needs to bring such intensity every time. Tara's photo gets negative results for having a hint of hesitance, which brings Tara to tears. Sinead's photo gets praised, as well, but Nole felt that Sinead lacks the confidence to be a top model. Cori is up next, wearing her new ring. Her photo gets good feedback, but Nigel tells her to control her eyes. Rebecca is last, and Jay brings up that she finished last in the challenge but had good scores. Her photo gets the most praise of all the girls.

Before the girls leave, Jay asks the girls to reveal the biggest misconception about the girls. Most girls say that Sinead appears so quiet at panel but that she has a funny and silly side. Sinead says that Tia talks a lot but is one of the greatest people she's known. Rebecca reveals that Cori puts on an act at judging. Tia agrees with her, which brings a hyperventilating Cori to tears. When the girls are brought back in, Rebecca is called first for her excellent performance. Tara and Tia are in the bottom two. To everybody's surprise, Jay says neither of them will be going home.

  • Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Tia Ayrton-Hill
  • Eliminated: Neither contestant was eliminated
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Nigel Barker

Sweet Child O' Mine

Original Airdate: July 11, 2007

The girls meet with one of Canada's first supermodels, Yanka, who helps them use the mirror with their visual confidence. Later, the girls go to an FCUK store where their challenge is to pose as window mannequins. Rebecca reigns victorious and receives a $2 000 shopping spree and later on receives a visit from her boyfriend, which results in envy for the other girls.

At the photoshoot, the girls had to shoot a cover try for Fashion Magazine. After being in the bottom two last week, Tia arguably had her best shot. Sinead's shot is hailed and the judges feel that her confidence is finally shining through, though her poses started to become too commercial. Rebecca's photo garners mixed reactions, but is criticized as being too Italian Vogue rather than catering to the real client.

In the end, it was Cori and Tara who were at the bottom of the pack. The judges feel as if neither of them evoked the necessary passion and energy to sell a magazine. The panel felt that Tara would have a better chance of stepping it up next shoot, thus Cori became the sixth girl eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Cori MacKinnon & Tara-Marie Winspur
  • Eliminated: Cori MacKinnon
  • Feaured photographer: Miguel Jacob
  • Special guests: Stacey McKenzie, Yanka, Susie Sheffman

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

''Original Airdate: July 18, 2007

The four remaining contestants have a night of fun and games in the house before their CoverGirl shoot the next day. All the girls impress Nolé. At judging the next day, Jay reveals that two girls will be sent home. The judges are impressed by all the photographs, but Tia and Tara are ultimately eliminated, leaving Sinead and Rebecca to compete in a fashion show the next day. Both girls perform well, but the judges believe that one girl can take fashion to the next level: Rebecca Hardy.

  • Eliminated: Tara-Marie Winspur & Tia Ayrton-Hill
  • Final two: Rebecca Hardy & Sinead Brady
  • Canada's Next Top Model: Rebecca Hardy
  • Feaured photographer: Jim De Yonker
  • Special guests: Nolé Marin & Stacey McKenzie

Contestants (In order of Elimination)

Cycle Summary

Call-out order

Jay's Call-Out Order
Order Casting Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8
01 Tara Cori Sinead Tara Mo Cori Rebecca Sinead Sinead Rebecca
02 Steff Tara Rebecca Cori Rebecca Rebecca Sinead Tia Rebecca Sinead
03 Jacqueline Rebecca Tara Sinead Tara Tia Cori Rebecca Tara
04 Mo Jacqueline Cori Rebecca Sinead Sinead Tara Tara Tia
05 Cori Tia Tia Mo Tia Tara Tia Cori
06 Gina Sinead Mo Tia Cori Mo
07 Rebecca Mo Gina Gina Gina
08 Tia Gina Steff Steff
09 Sinead Steff Jacqueline
10 Mika Mika
The contestant won the week's reward challenge
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was involved in a non-elimination bottom two
The contestant won the competition
The contestant is the runner-up of the competition

  • In the first part of Episode 1, 20 girls were narrowed down to the final 10 finalists.
  • Episode 3's call-out order does not reflect on how well the girls performed. Before handing out the photos, Jay Manuel told the girls, "The first few names I'm going to call doesn't mean that you were successful. It just so happens to be the first couple of names that I call."
  • In Episode 6 there was no elimination, even though Tara & Tia were in the bottom 2, due to the fact all the girls did extremely well.
  • In the first part of Episode 8, the call-out order was random, and there was a double elimination.
  • In the double elimination, Tia was called first and eliminated then Sinead. It came down to Rebecca and Tara, and Tara was eliminated

Photoshoot Guide

  • Week 1 Photoshoot: Nude With Male Models
  • Week 2 Photoshoot: Beauty Shots With Sea Creatures
  • Week 3 Commercial: Venus Razor Commercial
  • Week 4 Photoshoot: Glamorous Editorial Shoot
  • Week 5 Photoshoot: Couture Editorial Shoot on Trampolines
  • Week 6 Photoshoot: LG Chocolate Phone Shoot in Lingerie
  • Week 7 Photoshoot: Fashion Magazine Cover-Try
  • Week 8 Photoshoot: CoverGirl TruBlend Ad


  • Jacqueline: Dyed blonde inspired by Rachel Hunter
  • Steff: Cut into a bob and more blonde added to hair
  • Gina: Given a flip level haircut and dyed dark brown
  • Mo: Dyed chocolate brown and hair volumed
  • Cori: Gisele Bündchen inspired layered haircut and dyed blonde
  • Tia: Long bright copper hair extensions
  • Tara: Weaved
  • Sinead: Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta inspired buzz-cut fuzzy haircut
  • Rebecca: Cut short and dyed auburn


Photoshoot Director and Model Coaches


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