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The Next Line

The Next Line was a 1990s television game show. Produced by Blair Murdoch, it was filmed at the studios of CKVU-TV in Vancouver. Hosted by Kevin Frank, with Kathy Morse (later the mayor of Maple Ridge, BC from 2002 to 2005) as the announcer (the pair had also worked together on another game show, Kidstreet, which aired around the same time), it centered around viewing classic movie clips that were cut off at a point and then determining which of a panel of "experts" gave the correct line that followed. It premiered in 1991 on many Global Television Network stations, but was cancelled 65 episodes later. Reruns were first aired on Prime Network in the late 90s, and recently resurfaced on the new cable channel GameTV, where it ran until Feb. 2008.

The show was based on an earlier game show, "The New Liar's Club" (another show produced by Murdoch), which was played using similar rules. Even the set was nearly identical, but with some minor adjustments including the vane scoring display expanding to 4 digits. (while The New Liar's Club's display used only 3).


Four contestants played the game against a regular panel of four "experts" that featured Pete Barbutti, Neil Crone, Veena Sood and Denalda Williams. Five rounds were played. Each contestant started with 100 points and could wager as many points as they wanted on the panelist they thought gave the correct line to the clip. A correct match earned the player the points they wagered, while an incorrect match subtracted the wagered points from their score. The contestant with the most points at the end of the fifth round was declared the day's champion and won an assortment of prizes.

Round 1

Odds were placed at 1-1, meaning a correct match added the points the player wagered to their score. A player was allowed to bet a maximum half of their original 100 points In round 1, a scene from a classic movie was played, after some point the dialogue stopped. A reminder of the last line spoken by the character in the clip was shown on the monitors, at which time each of the panelists would give their take on what the next line would be. After the fourth panelist gave their answer, the players made their wagers, a recap was given by the panelists, and the clip was re-started with the next line added.

Round 2

In this round, odds were placed at 2-1, which could earn a player double their wagered points for a correct match. The clip shown featured one or more of the panelists acting out a situation. The segment was often called "Expert in the Street" or "Panelist in the Park". And although a panelist appeared in the clip, he/she may not be giving the correct next line.

Round 3

Odds remain at 2-1. The clip in Round 3 involved an ordinary person stopped on the streets of Vancouver to read a real-life fact.

Round 4

The odds in round 4 increased to 5-1, meaning a player could add 5 times their wagered points to their score. In this round, often called "Mangled Movie", another classic movie clip was played, but the dialogue had been replaced with dubbing by one or more of the panelists.

Round 5

With the odds now at 10-1 (earning a player 10 times their wagered points), it could be anybody's game. Any player with 90 points or more may wager up to 90 points in this round. This round played a little differently. Instead of showing movie clips, an original song was performed (music was usually written by Barbutti, with lyrics by the panel) with each panelist singing a line they had written that they thought would be the next in the song. After wagering, the line was revealed by the host, who usually sang it himself.

The player with the most points at the end of this round won the game and a prize; if the winning player made a correct bet in all 5 rounds, a bonus prize was also awarded. If there was a tie, the player who bet the most in the final round wins. If there was still a tie, the player who who got the most right throughout the game wins. If there was still a tie, whoever came closest to their pregame score selection without going over wins.


- *Both Kevin Frank and Neil Crone have something in common with each other: they have both done Canadian-based children's game shows (Frank hosted Kidstreet and Crone hosted Wild Guess), they both provided voices for the feature film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and they have appeared together during the second season of The Red Green Show

- *Like on Kidstreet, Kevin Frank would joke about the next line to a certain clip at the start of each episode.

- *Crone also had a major role in the second season of the CTV series Power Play, playing Hamilton Steelheads coach Harry Strand. He now plays the part of local radio host Fred Tupper in the CBC sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie.

- * Veena Sood can been seen in numerous feature films, and television shows. She has a recurring role in the CTV series Robson Arms, as well as the 2007/2008 season of Little Mosque on The Prairie. She is the sister of Manoj Sood ('Baber' on Little Mosque on the Prairie) and Ashwin Sood (Sarah McLachlan's husband and drummer)

- *Denalda Williams once appeared as a contestant on Talk About.

- *Pete Barbutti was a well known actor and musician who made numerous appearances on the Tonight Show.

- *Michael McDonald, aka 'Black Sniper', appeared as a contestant during his reign as W.K.A. North American kickboxing champion

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