New Idea

New Idea

New Idea is an Australian magazine published weekly by Pacific Magazines and aimed at women. The magazine was first published in 1902. In June 2006, the magazine was ranked 3rd in Australia in circulation, with an audited circulation of 433,176; it ranked ahead of Reader's Digest. The magazine's readership in 2004 was in excess of 2 million and had increased to 2.364 million in 2005/6 ; that is the magazine is read by more than 10% of Australia's population.

In January 2008 it revealed details that UK Prince Harry was with the British army serving in Afganistan, in breach of an agreement with the major news organisations. It ran updates on the story on 2 further occasions. When the US Drudge Report ran the story on 28 February 2008, the prince was forced to abandon his posting and return to the UK. After the story broke much more widely, New Idea pulled the story from its web site and made itself unavailable for comment to other members of the press.

In March 2008, New Idea issued an apology for publishing the story about Prince Harry. "We regret this serious lapse of judgment. We sincerely apologise to all our readers, to the servicemen whose lives are at constant risk while serving at home and abroad and to their families and loved ones."


Robyn Foyster - Editor-in-Chief
Phil Dampier - Royal editor


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