[noo-muhn, nyoo- for 1; noi-mahn, -muhn for 2]
Neumann, Johann Balthasar, 1687-1753, German architect. He traveled (1718) in Austria and N Italy and studied (1723) in Paris. Neumann designed several palaces and churches in Würzburg, some of which were decorated by Tiepolo. In 1742 he began the planning of Vierzehnheiligen, the most famous rococo church in Germany, celebrated for the sumptuous architectural decoration of the interior and the brilliant spatial arrangements within a series of oval spaces.

See C. Otto, Space into Right (1979).

Neumann, Saint John Nepomucene, 1811-60, American Roman Catholic bishop, the first American male to be canonized (1977), b. Bohemia. After studying at Prague he settled (1836) in the United States, where he later entered the Redemptorist order. He was appointed bishop of Philadelphia in 1852. Neumann was responsible for building 80 churches and nearly 100 parochial schools. Feast: Jan. 5.
Neumann (German for "new man", and one of the 20 most common German surnames) may refer to:


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