[noo-muhn-ster, moon-, nyoo-; Ger. noi-myn-stuhr]
Neumünster, city (1994 pop. 82,014), Schleswig-Holstein, N central Germany. It is a transportation and industrial center; manufactures include machinery, textiles, leather, and paper. Known in the 12th cent., Neumünster was chartered in 1870.
Neumünster (nɔʏ̯ˈmʏnstɐ) is one of four independent towns in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The first historic record of the precursor village "Wippendorf" dates from 1127. Near Neumünster at Ehndorf, there is a medium wave transmission facility for transmitting the program of "Deutschlandfunk", the Ehndorf transmitter, which is often named incorrectly as transmitter Neumünster.

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