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[nee-oh-mal-thoo-zhuh-niz-uhm, -thoo-zee-uh-]
Neo-malthusianism is a set of doctrines derived from Thomas Malthus's theory that limited resources keep populations in check and reduce economic growth. A current proponent of Neo-Malthusianism is the Club of Rome.

Malthus believed population growth was geometric (2->4->8->16), and agricultural growth was arithmetic (1->2->3->4); therefore, population growth will increase at such a rate that eventually there won't be enough food for the subsistence of the population. This appears to describe rather accurately sociodemographic dynamics of complex pre-industrial societies and serves as a basis for modern mathematical models of long-term historical dynamics (see, e.g., Peter Turchin 2003; Peter Turchin et al. 2007; Korotayev et al. 2006).


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