Nemesis, in Greek religion and mythology, personification of the gods' retribution for violation of sacred law; the avenger. Sometimes she was said to be the goddess of good and ill fortune.
Nemesis may refer to:

In mythology

In philosophy

  • Nemesis is "a painful response to another's undeserved good fortune" as defined by Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics

In politics

  • Operation Nemesis ("The Armenian Nuremberg"), the Armenian Revolutionary Federation code-name for the covert operation in the 1920s to assassinate the Turkish masterminds of the Armenian Genocide

In fiction

Books and literature




  • Nemesis (Magic: The Gathering), an expansion to the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game
  • Nemesis (role-playing game), a horror role-playing game
  • Nemesis (video game), a 1990 Game Boy game based on the Gradius series
  • Nemesis was the title of the arcade and MSX versions of the original Gradius outside Japan.
  • Nemesis was a 1983 home video game for the BBC Micro released by Micro Power. It was a clone of the Centipede arcade game.
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, a 1999 video game
  • Nemesis, the final boss in the game Dark Sector
  • Zork: Nemesis, an adventure game in the Zork series.
  • Nemesis is the fictional name of the Luftwaffe's KG 200 and is the nemesis group to the fictional RAF Battlehawks
  • Lord Nemesis is the 180+ year old "Prussian Prince of Automatons" and leader of the Nemesis Army villain faction in the Online game "City of Heroes/Villains". He is both directly and indirectly responsible for many of the games storylines and major plots, including the Rikti War, the Sky Raiders, and the criminal organization known as the Family.
  • Nemesis is presented in Final Fantasy X as the most powerful enemy in the game, unlocked by finding all species and defeating all other monsters in the battle arena
  • Nemesis appears in Persona 3 as the first Persona of Ken Amada; following a change in his personality, the Persona transforms into Kala-Nemi. Both Personae or of the Justice Arcana and attack with Light magic.
  • Nemesis is the name of a planet-sized mass thrown out by the blind idiot god Azathoth that orbits our sun and whose passage brings about chaos and destruction in the Spawn of Azathoth campaign for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.


In science

In transport

  • , four ships of the Royal Navy
  • , three ships of the US Navy
  • HEIC Nemesis, an early iron warship used in the First Opium War
  • Nemesis NXT, a racing aircraft
  • AAQ-24 Nemesis is a Northrop-Grumman aircraft defense system

In music

* Jacob and Joshua: Nemesis Rising, a reality television series featuring Nemesis

  • Nemesis (group), a Dallas, Texas rap crew who recorded on Profile Records in the early 1990's.
  • Nemesis, a song by the American New Wave band TheStart, released on the album Shakedown! (2001)
  • Nemesis is the title of a song released by Shriekback in 1985
  • Nemesis is a song by the group Cradle of Filth from the album Nymphetamine.
  • Nemesis is a song from the melodic death metal band Arch Enemy from the Doomsday Machine album.
  • Nemesis is an electronic music group from Finland.
  • Nemesis is a Dutch hip-hop producer
  • Nemesis is a Bangladeshi Progressive band
  • Nemesis is a song by VNV Nation
  • Nemesis is a metalcore band from Bandung Indonesia
  • Nemesis is a thrash metal band from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.
  • Nemesis is a British street dancing group from Milton Keynes, who reached the final of Britain's Got Talent 2008.
  • Nemesis is a top hit single of the band Fossils, an alternative rock band from Kolkata, India.
  • Nemesis is an MC for UK record label Play-Az Lab.

Miscellaneous uses

  • Nemesis (roller coaster), a popular inverted roller coaster at UK theme park Alton Towers
  • Nemesis Inferno, an inverted roller coaster at UK theme park Thorpe Park
  • Nemesis Tipshus, famous feline. Born February 22, 1989. The first cat on the Internet. Streaming web cam and web site continuously since 1994.

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