neighborhood association

Dublin Historic Neighborhood Association

The purpose of Dublin Historic Neighborhood Association (DHNA) is to enhance and sustain the historic and residential integrity of the Stubbs Park--Stonewall Street Historic District in Dublin, Georgia. The district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The district has been a long standing residential neighborhood since the 1910's. The historic neighborhood is bounded by West Moore Street, Lancaster Street, Marion Street, Academy Avenue and Roosevelt Street in Dublin, Georgia. Membership is drawn from the historic district but all Dublin residents who are interested in maintaining historic residential neighborhoods may participate in the association. Founded in 1995, the association holds regular meetings at the Oconee Public Library, which is located in the neighborhood, and at members homes. The DHNA is a community forum and voice for neighbors to discuss issues such as historic preservation, maintenance, zoning, lighting, crime, overgrown yards, drainage, abandoned vehicles, and other matters related to the historic neighorhood.

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