child abuse

Crime of inflicting physical or emotional injury on a child. The term can denote the use of inordinate physical violence or verbal abuse; the failure to furnish proper shelter, nourishment, medical treatment, or emotional support; incest, rape, or other instances of sexual molestation; and the making of child pornography. Child abuse can cause serious harm to its victims. Estimates of the numbers of children who suffer physical abuse or neglect by parents or guardians range from about 1 percent of all children to about 15 percent, and figures are far higher if emotional abuse and neglect are included. In many cases, the abuser himself suffered abuse as a child. When abuse results in death, evidence of child abuse or battered-child syndrome (e.g., broken bones and lesions, either healed or active) is often used to establish that death was not accidental.

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Neglect means to leave uncared for or to leave undone.

Neglect may also refer to:

  • Neglect (English law), a term of art in English law used to qualify an inquest into the factors that contributed to a death
  • Child neglect, is a form of child abuse, when a child's legal guardian fails to adequately provide for the child's physical or emotional needs
  • Hemispatial neglect which is a neurological condition.

See also

  • Negligence, a legal concept in civil law indicating an individual's behavior fell short of what a reasonable person would do to prevent death or injury to another
  • Criminal negligence a legal concept in criminal law that holds people at fault for their failures to act

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