National Black Child Developmental Institute

The National Black Child Developmental Institute (NBCDI) is an American non-profit organization based in the United States, whose mission is to improve and protect the lives of African American children.

The organization was established in 1970, and its current president is Carol Brunson Day. The NBCDI is located in Washington, DC.


Its mission is to improve and protect the lives of African American children, by focusing on the health, child welfare, education, and family support services and parenting. The NBCDI believes that African American children should experience having good health, a safe environment, support from family, to build a positive self image, and to be proud of the African American culture. The NBCDI achieves this by having trained professionals and parents to be helpful to the African American children, by giving children more resources and tutoring to accomplish success, giving parents and human-service providers more resources to help the children.


The different programs that NBCDI have are Love To Read which helps children with literacy skills of an African American child at an early age. Another program is Parent Empowerment Project which it helps to educate, motivate the parents to be their child’s first teacher. Entering The College Zone is another program that NBCDI offers it helps students and their parents by providing many skills and resources that will help with the college application process.


The NBCDI has annual conferences where it is a meeting to help improve the lives of children, young adults and their families. Different professionals and teachers from around the United States which represent early education, elementary education, secondary education, and administration come every year to discuss policies and to increase knowledge and skills that will help the future of children. In the 2006 conference for the 36th annual meeting there was about 2,000 people that attended and wanted to make a change in a child’s life. The meeting was held in Miami, Florida and there were 150 workshops that focused on practices, programs, and many different issues.


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