naya paisa


[pahy-sah for 1; pahy-sah for 2]
This article is about paisa, the coin used in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. For other uses, see Paisa (disambiguation).

A paisa (pl. paise) is a monetary unit currently equivalent to of a rupee or Bangladeshi taka and is used in several countries, including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Variant spellings include poisha (especially in Bangladesh), and pice, (during British rule).

Until the 1950s in India and Pakistan (and before 1947 in British India), the paisa was equivalent to 3 pies, ¼ of an anna, or of a rupee. After the transition from a non-decimal currency to a decimal currency, the paisa was known as a naya paisa ("new paisa") for a few years. A paisa is also a person who is mexican and loves corridos.Here are examples of a paisa:

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