natural varnish


For the mercury form, see cinnabar.
Cinnebar is a soft wood from the cinnebar tree, which grows in Southeast Asia.


Because the cinnebar wood is very soft it can be used to create beads, boxes and accessories by pressing a pattern into the wood. Color is sometimes added with a resin to give it more stability.

In Imperial China, lacquers were revered due to their time and superior craftsmanship required to produce items from cinnebar. The lacquer is created from the sap of a native Chinese tree, Rhus Verniciflua. The lacquering technique dates back 3,000 years and involves the application of up to 200 thin layers of processed sap. The sap produces a natural varnish that protects the wood. Carving the lacquer is equally arduous and is considered a true art.


Items crafted from cinnebar.


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