Native Tongue

Native Tongue

Native Tongue is the fourth studio album by American hard rock band Poison, released in 1993 through Capitol Records.

Musical style

While the band is generally associated with the glam metal genre, Native Tongue also features funk and blues elements. Richie Kotzen's influence upon the sound of the album is unmistakable. In songs such as "The Scream", the band's traditional sustaining power chords were jettisoned in favour of complex, funky palm-muted heavy metal riffs.

Production and marketing

The album was the first and only Poison release to feature guitarist Richie Kotzen. Kotzen was hired as the band's guitarist following the firing of C.C. DeVille. Admitted as a fully-fledged member of the band rather than a "hired gun", Kotzen was given considerable creative freedom. Indeed, Kotzen's writing and performing contributions dominated the album.

Kotzen would later be expelled from the band following the world tour, after it was discovered that he had been romantically involved with the fiance of drummer Rikki Rockett. Recollections of the album, while no doubt soured by these events, nonetheless appear to faithfully reflect the basic clash between Kotzen's style and that of the band's founding members. Kotzen would later claim that "being in Poison helped me forget I was a musician", while Rockett would lament the loss the band's original "attitude"

The album was recorded and mixed at A&M Studios in Hollywood, California, and Rumbo Recorders in Canoga Park, California with producer Richie Zito. It was dedicated to Van Halen tour manager Scotty Ross and former Poison guitarist DeVille.


Lyrically, the band continued on the growing sophistication that began in Flesh and Blood. The album's themes include battles against injustice ("Scream", "Stand"), heartbreak ("Until You Suffer Some", "7 Days Over You", "Theatre of the Soul"), and inner demons ("Stay Alive").

"When The Whip Comes Down" is a track not included on the album but used as a b side for the singles.

Track listing

  1. "Native Tongue"
  2. "The Scream"
  3. "Stand"
  4. "Stay Alive"
  5. "Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)"
  6. "Body Talk"
  7. "Bring it Home"
  8. "7 Days Over You"
  9. "Richie's Acoustic Thang"
  10. "Ain't That the Truth"
  11. "Theatre of the Soul"
  12. "Strike Up the Band"
  13. "Ride Child Ride"
  14. "Blind Faith"
  15. "Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues"


Band Members


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