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List of National Parks of Poland

There are currently 23 National Parks in Poland. These were formerly run by the Polish Board of National Parks (Krajowy Zarząd Parków Narodowych), but in 2004 responsibility for them was transferred to the Ministry of the Environment. Most National Parks are divided into "strictly" and "partially" protected zones; there is also often a designated protective or buffer zone (otulina) adjoining them.
English name Polish name Founded Area
Region UNESCO status
Babia Góra National Park Babiogórski Park Narodowy 1954 33.92 Lesser Poland (Slovak border) biosphere reserve
Białowieża National Park Białowieski Park Narodowy 1932 105.02 Podlachia (Belarusian border) World Heritage Site,
biosphere reserve
Biebrza National Park Biebrzański Park Narodowy 1993 592.23 Podlachia (north-east)  
Bieszczady National Park Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy 1973 292.02 Subcarpathian (south-west) biosphere reserve
Drawno National Park Drawieński Park Narodowy 1990 113.42 north-west Poland  
Gorce National Park Gorczański Park Narodowy 1981 70.30 Lesser Poland (south)  
Kampinos National Park Kampinoski Park Narodowy 1959 385.44 Masovia (near Warsaw) biosphere reserve
Karkonosze National Park Karkonoski Park Narodowy 1959 55.75 Lower Silesia (Czech border) biosphere reserve
Magura National Park Magurski Park Narodowy 1995 194.39 Lesser Poland (south)  
Narew National Park Narwiański Park Narodowy 1996 73.50 Podlachia (north-east)  
Ojców National Park Ojcowski Park Narodowy 1956 21.46 Lesser Poland (near Kraków)  
Pieniny National Park Pieniński Park Narodowy 1932 23.46 Lesser Poland (south)  
Polesie National Park Poleski Park Narodowy 1990 97.62 Lublin (east) biosphere reserve
Roztocze National Park Roztoczański Park Narodowy 1974 84.82 Lublin (east)  
Słowiński National Park Słowiński Park Narodowy 1967 186.18 Pomerania (Baltic coast) biosphere reserve
Świętokrzyski National Park Świętokrzyski Park Narodowy 1950 76.26 Świętokrzyskie (central)  
Table Mountains National Park Park Narodowy Gór Stołowych 1993 63.40 Lower Silesia (south-west)  
Tatra National Park Tatrzański Park Narodowy 1954 211.64 Lesser Poland (Slovak border) biosphere reserve
Tuchola Forest National Park Park Narodowy Bory Tucholskie 1996 46.13 Pomerania (north)  
Ujście Warty National Park Park Narodowy Ujście Warty 2001 80.38 Lubusz (German border)  
Wielkopolska National Park Wielkopolski Park Narodowy 1957 75.84 Greater Poland (near Poznań)  
Wigry National Park Wigierski Park Narodowy 1989 150.86 Podlachia (north-east)  
Wolin National Park Woliński Park Narodowy 1960 109.37 West Pomerania (Baltic coast)  

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