[ney-tuh-tawr-ee-uhm, -tohr-, nat-uh-]
A natatorium is, strictly speaking, a structurally separate building containing a swimming pool. In Latin, a cella natatoria was a swimming pool in its own building; thus, the sense was much as now although it is sometimes also used to refer to any indoor pool even if not housed in a dedicated building (e.g. a pool in a school or a fitness club). It is usually taken for granted that it will also house locker rooms, and perhaps capacity for allied activities, such as a diving tank, facilities for water polo, and so forth. Many colleges and universities have natatoria.

The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium in Honolulu, Hawaii is believed to be the largest salt-water natatorium in the world. Although the pool was closed in 1980 due to health concerns, the structure remains a feature on the eastern end of Waikiki in the shadow of Diamond Head. The natatorium was included in the National Trust for Historic Preservation's 1995 list of most endangered historic sites in the U.S.

Natatorium Lake

The third of the four Galena chain lakes in Washington state, USA. So named because it was used for such purposes by the Mazamas in 1906, according to regulations, the women forenoons and men afternoon.

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