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Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal

Ulundi was at one time the capital of Zululand in South Africa, and later the capital of the Bantustan of KwaZulu. It is now a part of KwaZulu-Natal Province and from 1994 to 2004 took turns at being the capital with Pietermaritzburg. There is an airport, a five-star hotel, and some museums. Estimated population: 11,102 (1991).

When Cetshwayo became king of the Zulus on 1 September 1873, he created, as was customary, a new capital for the nation and named it uluNdi (the high place). On 4 July 1879 the British army captured the royal kraal and razed it to the ground, in the Battle of Ulundi - the final battle of the Anglo-Zulu War. Nearby is Ondini, the site of king Mpande's kraal, Cetshwayo's father. Mpande's kraal is a big Zulu hut.

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