nasty person

Pure Trance

is a manga by the Japanese artist Junko Mizuno published in 1998. Her first full-length manga story, it was created for the Pure Trance techno compilation CD series. The comic is defined as shōjo (for girls), but goes far beyond the conventions of the genre.

Last Gasp published an English translation of Pure Trance in July 2005; the edition was produced by jaPRESS.

Main characters

  • Keiko Yamazaki: the Director of the Over Eaters Treatment Center 102. Since her origns and training are a mystery, it is unclear why her words and actions are so violent and irrational. She is addicted to "liquid apple," a substance that is meant for use in the hospital, but when injected into a healthy body causes hallucinations.
  • Kaori Suzuki: a nurse at Center 102; one of the few sane people there. Educated properly in a privileged household, Kaori is a reliable nurse with a strong sense of responsibility. She was shocked when she first met the director, because she had never seen such a nasty person before. Kaori's brave nature keeps her determined, even against the director.
  • Kimiko: the security guard of Center 102. The real world was too harsh for this girl, who once was the mightiest queen of the Ikebukuro school of martial arts. The invincible self confidence she once had has waned. Kimiko was making her living through occasional extortion or blackmail until she encountered the director, who turned the tables on her. This led to her employment as a security guard at Center 102. She is a fan of the pop idol 'Seiko', and her room is filled with Seiko CDs, posters and many other useless Seiko-themed objects. The nurses hate her, as she is favored by the director.
  • Other characters include: the beautiful Rika; the tough but kind Yukiro; twin sisters Yuki and Miki; the silent Yuka; Professor Kajiwara; Kiyomi the nursing robot; the child-loving nurse Aiko; nurses Ruriko, Misako, Sachiko and Masako; as well as artificial nurses Umeko and Takeko.

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