narrow bodied

Narrow-Bodied Skink

The Narrow-Bodied Skink (Oligosoma gracilicorpus) is a species of skink (family Scincidae). Only the holotype specimen (AIM Rep 31.1) is known, collected before 1955 on the North Island, New Zealand, probably in the vicinity of the Hokianga; it is possibly a juvenile. If so, this species could be the kawekaweau or kaweau (sometimes written koeau) of Māori lore, which is by others is identified with a tuatara though its description does not match that animal well.(Hardy 1977)

Classified as "data deficient" by the IUCN (ARAG 1996), the New Zealand Department of Conservation treats ist as extinct.


  • (1977): The New Zealand Scincidae (Reptilia: Lacertilia); a taxonomic and zoogeographic study. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 4: 221-325. PDF fulltext

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