naked truth

The Naked Truth (Golden Earring album)

The Naked Truth is a live album by Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring, released in 1992 (see 1992 in music). All songs were performed with acoustic instruments. The album has been released over the decade with additional tracks under the titles The Complete Naked Truth and Fully Naked.

Track listing

  1. "Introduction"
  2. "Jangalene" (George Kooymans)
  3. "Another 45 Miles" (Kooymans)
  4. "Mad Love's Comin'" (Barry Hay, Kooymans)
  5. "Why Do I?"
  6. "I Can't Sleep Without You" (Hay, Kooymans)
  7. "Weekend Love" (Rinus Gerritsen, Hay, Kooymans, Zuiderwijk)
  8. "Vanilla Queen" (Hay, Kooymans)
  9. "Twilight Zone" (Hay, Kooymans)
  10. "One Shot Away from Paradise" (Gerritsen)
  11. "Long Blond Animal" (Hay, Kooymans)
  12. "Pouring My Heart Out Again" (Hay, Kooymans)
  13. "Radar Love" (Hay, Kooymans)
  14. "Eight Miles High" (Gene Clark, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn)
  15. "Naked Truth" (Hay, Kooymans)

Other versions

The Complete Naked Truth

A 1997 addition of the album titled The Complete Naked Truth was sold as a two disc collection. Besides the above tracks, the collection included an additional seven tracks billed as previously unreleased.

  1. "Back Home"
  2. "Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart"
  3. "Going On The Run"
  4. "Jangalene(Alternate)"
  5. "Don't Stop The Show"
  6. "When The Lady Smiles"
  7. "Radar Love(Edit)"

Fully Naked

A three disc collection titled Fully Naked was released in 2001 as a box set. Besides including the two discs above, the set included a third disc again touted as previously unreleased.

  1. "In a Bad Mood"
  2. "As Long as the Wind Blows"
  3. "Please Go/Sound of the Screaming Day"
  4. "Murdock 9 6182"
  5. "Yellow and Blue"
  6. "Devil Made Me Do It"
  7. "Madame Zou Zou"



  • Producers: Golden Earring, John Sonneveld
  • Engineer: John Sonneveld
  • Design: Henk Schiffmacher
  • Photography: Reinoud Klazes, Patricia Steur

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