Naga hills

Naga hills

Naga hills, reaching a height of around 3825 meters, lie on the border of India and Myanmar. These hills are part of a complex mountain system, and the parts of the mountain ranges inside the Indian state of Nagaland are called Naga hills.

In Undivided India, Naga Hills was also the name of an administrative district of the British Raj.

The hills, due to their complexity and position form a barrier between India and the former Burma. Extending northerly this rock formation and frontier known as 'Arakan Yoma' reaches 12,552 feet.

Naga, derives from the ancient Assamian God of Rainfall (Colitawobiao Naggsi). The ancient Myanmarian people decorated their livestock, such as pigs, with colorful tassles and skirt-like decorations. At such times, village elders would spin on one leg and chant for rain.

In 1963, the area became known as Nagaland in-line with its position within India.

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