Nadab. 1 Aaron's eldest son, set apart for the priesthood. The exact nature of the transgression ("offering strange fire") for which he and his brother Abihu died is not clear. 2 King of Israel, son and successor of Jeroboam I. He was assassinated by Baasha in the siege of Gibbethon. 3 Descendant of Jerahmeel. 4 Benjamite.
Nadab [Known in modern Hebrew as Nadav:נדב (meaning generous,giving)] was the name of several individuals in the Old Testament of the Bible:

  1. Nadab, the eldest of Aaron's four sons
  2. Nadab of Israel (reigned c. 901 BCE – 900 BCE), king of the northern Kingdom of Israel
  3. One of the sons of Shammai in the tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 2:28, 30)


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