Naaman. In the Bible, Syrian captain whom Elisha cured miraculously of leprosy.
Naaman is also the name of one of the Minor characters in the Book of Genesis
Naaman (נַעֲמָן "pleasantness") was a commander of the armies of Ben-Hadad II in the time of Joram, king of Israel. He is mentioned in of the Tanakh. According to the narrative, he was afflicted with tzaraath. When the Hebrew slave-girl who waited on his wife told her of a prophet in Samaria who could cure her master, he obtained a letter from Benhadad and proceeded with it to Joram. The king of Israel suspected in this some evil design against him, and tore his clothes. Elisha the prophet hearing of this, sent for Naaman. He was cured of leprosy by dipping himself seven times in the Jordan River, according to the word of Elisha. He is also mentioned in of the New Testament.

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