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N.B. (album)

N.B. is the second album by English pop singer Natasha Bedingfield. It was released by RCA Label Group (UK) under the Phonogenic Label on April 30, 2007 in the United Kingdom. The U.S. version of the album was updated with new tracks and retitled Pocketful of Sunshine, and was released on January 22 2008.

The album featured collaborations with American rapper Eve and Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine, and was influenced by hip hop music. Most of the songs focus on love and relationships, as opposed to her debut, which dealt with independence and opportunism.

N.B. debuted to mixed reviews from contemporary music critics, receiving criticism due to its redundant lyrical content. The album has produced two top ten singles in the UK so far.

As of October 2007, the album has sold over 100,000 copies in the UK, certifying it Gold, selling much less than her debut album, that went to sold in excess one million of copies in the UK.

Because of N.B.'s mediocre success, it has been noted as a "sophomore slump". Because of the third single's failing to chart, it has been rumoured that her record label is re-releasing the album or releasing a third album in the UK, containing new tracks from Pocketful of Sunshine.

Critical reception

N.B. received mixed reviews from pop music critics. In a review for the The Guardian, Craig McLean wrote that the album has "nothing as catchy as Unwritten, the tunes are on the airy-fairy side of breezy, and the lyrics on the naff side of plain". Marie Claire magazine said that many of the album's "tracks are forgettable", but that Bedingfield's "strong voice and eccentricities elevate her above many blonde and bland popstars. The album was called "good clean fun" and "entertaining" by Yahoo!, and named "Who Knows" as its best song because of its "sharp lyrical" content. However, reviewer Sheena McGinley was less impressed, and wrote that it was "too embarrassing to listen to in public", rating the album two out of five stars.

Chart performance

The album debuted on the UK Albums Chart at number nine on May 6, 2007, selling 19,500 copies in its first week. The album re-entered the albums chart on July 15, 2007 at number-thirty four, climbing to number twenty-four two weeks later.

Outside of the UK, the album failed to reach the top ten. In Ireland, N.B. debuted at number fourteen and in the Netherlands it reached number thirteen. It peaked outside the top twenty in Switzerland. In Australia, the album failed to enter the top one hundred, but peaked at number eleven on the Hitseekers albums chart.


"How Do You Do?", the opening track about flirting, features guitars and a horn section. "I Wanna Have Your Babies", the second track, was chosen as the lead single as it was a representation Bedingfield's shifting priorities from being a single young woman to "dating, searching for a partner" and "looking for Mr Right". The song discusses a woman's battle to stop herself from rushing into relationships in an effort to find the right man to be the father of her children. The song received mixed reviews from music critics, who generally found it to be less impressive than past releases, but its release was moderately successful, reaching the top forty in most countries. The second single, "Soulmate", is a ballad on which Bedingfield wonders if there is a partner for everyone.

"Who Knows", the fourth track, begins with a "reggae-pop vibe" which slowly progresses to an electro-style sound featuring a string section. It received positive reviews, with one reviewer stating that it was reminiscent of "Amy Winehouse's gruff vocal style and her sassiness".. "Who Knows" was also featured in the motion picture 27 Dresses. The fifth track and third single is "Say It Again". It is co-written with Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine, who also provides backing vocals on the song. "Pirate Bones" discusses the pitfalls of celebrity and fame. On the song Bedingfield commented "if you're giving up your enjoyment of life for somebody else's idea of success, it's like being a pirate who's got his hoard of treasure ]and is sitting on an island where there are no shops to spend it. It doesn't mean anything."

The eighth track, "Tricky Angel", was inspired by R&B music and was composed around a series of piano loops. "When You Know You Know" features an orchestra and its lyrics discuss a failing relationship. The tenth track, "(No More) What Ifs", features a rap by Eve and received negative reviews, with The Guardian describing it as "an ill-advised move for all concerned". "Not Givin' Up", features a heavy urban beat with electronic sound effects in the background. The song was well received by critics because of its "near-certain crossover appeal for both sides of the Atlantic". "Still Here", the twelfth track, was originally recorded for the film Rocky Balboa in 2006, but was not included on the soundtrack.

For the American release of the album, Bedingfield recorded a new track titled "Love like This" with Jamaican reggae singer Sean Kingston. The track will serve as the lead American single and will impact American pop radio on 25 September 2007. Accompanying this song are several other newly recorded tracks, along with some N.B. songs, which compile a new album titled Pocketful of Sunshine.

Track listing

  1. "How Do You Do?" - 3:41
  2. "I Wanna Have Your Babies" - 3:37
  3. "Soulmate" - 3:32*
  4. "Who Knows" - 3:46 *
  5. "Say It Again" (featuring Adam Levine) - 3:29*
  6. "Pirate Bones" - 3:46*
  7. "Backyard" - 3:27*
  8. "Tricky Angel" - 3:04
  9. "When You Know You Know" / "I Think They're Thinking" (Interlude) - 3:47
  10. "(No More) What Ifs" (featuring Eve) - 4:11
  11. "Not Givin' Up" - 3:46*
  12. "Still Here" - 3:57
  13. "Smell The Roses" Includes "Lay Down" and "Loved By You" (hidden tracks) - 17:18
  14. * later appeared on Pocketful of SunshineEuropean/Asian bonus tracks
  15. "Unwritten" Includes "Lay Down" and "Loved By You" (hidden tracks) - 18:09Japanese bonus tracks
  16. "Unwritten"(Manny Marroquin mix)
  17. "Unwritten" (Live at the Nokia Theatre)
  18. "What If's" Includes "Lay Down" and "Loved By You" (hidden tracks)
  19. "I Wanna Have Your Babies" music videoiTunes exclusive
  20. "The Scientist" (Live) (Pre-order exclusive)
  21. "These Words" (Dwele remix) (Pre-order exclusive)
  22. "Unwritten" (Manny Marroquin mix)
  23. "Lay Down" - 3:30
  24. "Loved By You" - 2:35iTunes Canada exclusive
  25. "Loved By You"
  26. "Stepping Stone"
  27. "Lay Down"


Chart (2007) Peak
UK Albums Chart 9
Irish Albums Chart 14
Dutch Albums Chart 13
Swiss Albums Chart 37
Germany Albums Chart 80

Credits and personnel

The following people contributed to N.B.:

Release history

These are the formats of major album releases of N.B.:

Country Date Label Format Catalog
United Kingdom 2007-04-30 RCA Label Group CD 88697076452
Japan 2007-05-09 BMG Japan CD BVCP-24109
Australia 2007-05-25 Sony BMG CD 88697077542

The album is not available in America, as it was released as Pocketful of Sunshine in 2008. However, Americans can buy N.B. through importation systems at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Overstock.


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