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Cosmic Free Way

Cosmic Free Way is an American Jamband,

Cosmic Free Way is a Jam Band formed by Bob Carhart (aka RJ Purple) formerly of The Mojo Men, Joe Warren and Joe Grissino in late 1989 with most of its current members. The band technically played their first show in Spring of 1990. The band is based out of the Reno - Lake Tahoe area.

Within a year of forming CFW had released their debut album. Which at the same time they had also created a national touring buzz. Being one of Tahoe and Renos premier jambands. Over the next few years CFW played show after show including festivals such as the original GOTVs in Marysville California before the festival was moved to the east coast and Meatcutters outside of Kirkwood California.

Cosmic Free Way has shared the stage with such acts as Blues Traveler, String Cheese Incident, Los Lobos, Jupiter Hollow, Zen Tricksters, Rubberneck, Jerry Joseph, The Paisley Brain Cells, Jambay, Daryl Lee Thompson (El Borracho), Lost at Last, Vinyl, Vince Welnick, Canned Heat, The Byrds, Montrose, Cubensis, Melvin Seals and the JGB, and Merle Saunders.

Cosmic Free Way has been featured in the Hightimes Hemp 100 uncountable times over the years. They also have been mentioned in Relix magazine in regards to playing the Phish lot at The Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas November 13th 1997.

Max Volume, one of the Reno/Tahoe most notable top-notch DJs (105.7 K.O.Z.Z. Reno's classic rock) station, has been quoted as saying. "Some of the most awesome experiences of his life have been at Cosmic Free Way shows".

Cosmic Free Way has played many venues in the Reno/Tahoe, and San Francisco bay area, which they are happy to call their home. As well as many performances across the U.S., they are grateful to have been a part of the original Gathering of the Vibes Festival in California, The World Hemp Festival in Harrisburg, Oregon in 99 and 2000, as well as several appearances at the Annual Dead In The Desert Festival in California.

Their influences include a wide variety of notable groups, including Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Yes, Phish, Widespread Panic, Deep Purple , Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tower Of Power , Led Zeppelin, The Tubes, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Little Feat, Greyboy Allstars, Los Lobos, The Beatles, New Riders of the Purple Sage , Rush, The Who, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Blue Öyster Cult, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and James Brown.


  • Cosmic Free Way, 1991
  • Red Flowers, 1998

Produced by Sandy Pearlman IA with Good Noise

Band members

Current members

  • Chris Carletto, Guido (Keyboards/Piano/Sequencer/Vocals)OG. Chris began the serious study of music in Brooklyn New york at the age of five. Theres no doubt that Chris was born to the ivory keys. He’ll mention British keyboardist Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson by name, but his wide ranging influences encompass everything from classical concertos to modern pop. Chris adds the melodic counterpoint, colour, and texture that create depth in the CFW. He studied synthesizer and is a graduate of The Grove School of Music. Also plays with Cool Black Kettle.
  • Frank Fletcher (Drums/Percussion)OG. Fletchs polyrythmic pistons pump with the power and finesse that drives The CFW. At roadstops along the way, he has played in classical, jazz & heavy metal projects before settling for the ride of his life in the spontanious and dynamic approach of The CFW. Also formerly of Frame Of Mind and Cool Black Kettle
  • Katie Schuch Freeman (Vocals/Gutiar)OG. Spent the first five or six years with CFW when the band first formed in Tahoe in the 80s. She then branched out and was a part of the acoustic duet, You And Me. The group played for many years and eventually moved to the San Francisco bay area where they recorded original music as Luvplanet. Katie has most recently been raising two rambunctious boys, but looks forward to getting back out there to create new music with some old friends.
  • Joe Grissino (Lead and Rhythm Gutiar/Vocals)OG. Like his partners in CFW, Joe began his musical life at an early age in New York state, becoming a multi instrumentalist by age 12. At that time he entered into a study under Mark Larosa and focused on the art of guitar. As the 2nd half of the "Dueling Joes" he trades hot, intricate lead licks with Joe Warren that fire up crowds at every show!! Also plays with Uncle Funkle.
  • Joe Warren (Lead and Rhythm Gutiar/Vocals)OG. Joe picked up his first guitar in Kinderhook New York at the age of 10, a late bloomer as far as CFW members go. His style sparks much of the intensity fueled by the blues, southern rock and the laid-back west coast groove, despite his northeastern upbringing. Joe cites Dickey Betts(Allman Brothers), Jerry Garcia(Grateful Dead), Carlos Santana, with a Lindsey Buckingham finger picking style, are his most important influences. Formerly of The Loafers, Left On 4th St, The Alander Brothers Band.
  • Kevin Fisher (Bass and Backing Vocals) With his history with local musicians over the years in the Reno/Tahoe area this wonderfully gifted musician has stepped into the new role of CFW Bass player. You might have seen other bands that he has been in: The Unophicials, Left On 4th St, Forever Green, The Alander Brothers Band.

Former members

  • Bob Carhart, aka RJ Purple (Bass/Gutiar/Vocals)OG With degrees in music and psychology. A top 40 hit to his credit with The Mojo Men in 1969 (Sit Down I Think I Love You) and having played with 40+ bands in his career. RJ embodies the experience of the original CFW. His bass weaves a solid melodic framework for the bands trademark extrapolations. He can and has switched instruments with every member of the band.
  • Justin Clarke (Bass) Stemming from The British Isles and studying classical guitar at a very young age. This multi instrumental virtuoso was once the foundation laying groove master behind the CFW. Prior to hooking with these other five wonderful muscians you might have seen him in his previous band The Mystic Biscuit out of Reno in the early 90s. He is currently happilly married and living in the mountains of Italy.

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