musculus sphincter vesicae

List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: XI. Splanchnology

the respiratory apparatus ()

the larynx ()

Cartilages of the larynx (cartilagines laryngis)


Interior of the Larynx



the trachea and bronchi ()

the pleurae ()

the mediastinum ()

the lungs ()

the digestive apparatus ()

the mouth ()

Teeth (dentes)

Tongue (lingua)

Salivary glands

the fauces ()

the pharynx ()

the esophagus ()

the abdomen ()

Main peritoneal cavity (greater sac)

Omental bursa (lesser peritoneal sac)

Horizontal Disposition of the Peritoneum

Peritoneal recesses or Fossæ (retroperitoneal fossæ)

the stomach ()

the small intestine ()

the large intestine ()

the liver ()

Surfaces of liver




Development of liver

Vessels and Nerves

Structure of the Liver

Microscopic Appearance

Excretory Apparatus of the Liver

the pancreas ()

the urogenital apparatus

development of the urinary and generative organs ()

the urinary organs

the kidneys ()

the ureters ()

the urinary bladder ()

the male urethra ()

the female urethra ()

the male genital organs

the testes and their coverings ()

  • Spermatic cord (funiculus spermaticus)
  • Testes
  • the ductus deferens ()

    the vesiculæ seminales ()

    the ejaculatory ducts ()

    the penis ()

    the prostate ()

  • Structure
  • Vessels and Nerves
  • the bulbourethral glands ()

    the female genital organs ()

    the ovaries ()

    the uterine tube ()

    the uterus ()

    the vagina ()

    the external genital organs ()

    the mammæ ()

    the ductless glands

    the thyroid gland ()

    the parathyroid glands ()

    the thymus ()

    the hypophysis cerebri ()

    the pineal body ()

    the chromaphil and cortical systems ()

    the spleen ()

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