muscat and oman

Turki bin Said, Sultan of Muscat and Oman

Sayyid Turki bin Said, GCSI (1832 - June 4, 1888) (تركي بن سعيد) was Sultan of Muscat and Oman from January 30, 1871 to June 4, 1888. He was the fifth son of Said bin Sultan, Sultan of Muscat and Oman.

On Turki's death, he was succeeded by his second son, Faisal bin Turki.

Turki had five children:

  1. Sayyid Muhammad bin Turki al-Said (1860-?)
  2. Sayyid Faisal bin Turki al-Said (1864-1913)
  3. Sayyid Fahad bin Turki al-Said (?-1894)
  4. Sayyida Turkia bint Turki al-Said who married a cousin, Sayyid Hamad bin Thuwaini Al-Busaid, 5th Sultan of Zanzibar
  5. Sayyida (name unknown) bint Turki al-Said

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