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The Royal Regiment of Canada

The Royal Regiment of Canada is one of the largest Army regiments of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve. It is an infantry unit based in Toronto, Ontario, part of Land Force Central Area's 32 Canadian Brigade Group.

The regiment was formed in 1936 as the Royal Regiment of Toronto Grenadiers through the amalgamation of two other regiments:

  • The Royal Grenadiers
  • The Toronto Regiment

The regiment was renamed in 1939 as The Royal Regiment of Canada. Today, the regiment has a total of three companies:

  • Grenadier Company
  • Toronto Company
  • 58th Company

The regiment evolved from the 10th Royal Grenadiers and thus inherited British traditions. The regiment was authorized to wear the distinctive scarlet uniform of the "Guards" on all ceremonial occasions by decree of Queen Victoria. The Royal Regiment of Canada is an active reserve unit in 32 Brigade and an integral part of the Canadian Forces. Its members have served in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cambodia, Croatia, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, the Golan Heights, Haiti, Namibia, and Sierra Leone.

Battle Honours

  • Combined battle honours of the Toronto Regiment and the Royal Grenadiers plus:
  • The Second World War: Dieppe, Bourguebus Ridge, Faubourg de Vaucelles, Verrières Ridge–Tilly-la-Campagne, Falaise, Falaise Road, Clair Tizon, Forêt de la Londe, Dunkirk 1944, The Scheldt, Woensdrecht, South Beveland, The Rhineland, Goch-Calcar Road, The Hochwald, Xanten, Twente Canal, Gröningen, Oldenburg, North-West Europe 1942 '44-45

Band of The Royal Regiment of Canada

The Band of The Royal Regiment of Canada is the oldest permanently organized band in the Canadian Forces. Based at Fort York in Toronto, Ontario, the band has continued to serve its country, province, and city in many different roles throughout the world since its formation in 1863.

Some highlights from the band's itinerary are:

  • Performances for the Queen Mother, Princess Anne, the Duke York, Prince Charles and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • International commitments include: performances for the United Nations in Cyprus; the Military Musical Pageant, held at Wembley Stadium, in London, England; a command performance for our Colonel-In-Chief, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace; and, being selected as the official band to accompany the veterans and the official party to the United Kingdom and France to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the raid on Dieppe August 19, 1942. In the summer of 2006 the band performed at the 16th International Military Band Festival in Krakaw, Poland.

Recent years have seen the band travel from sea to sea, from Gander, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia with many performances in between (including the launching of the ship the “Hector” in Pictou, Nova Scotia, The Summerside Tattoo in Prince Edward Island, and the 2000 International Military Festival of Music in Quebec City). In addition there have been numerous trips to the United States to participate in events such as the historic Fort Ticonderoga Tattoo and The Rochester International Marine Tattoo in New York State, the TRADOC Military Tattoo in Fort Monroe, Virginia, and the renowned Stone Mountain Highland Games Military Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia.

The band’s four recordings: Ready Aye Ready; In Concert, On Parade; Footsteps In Time; and Fields Of Honour, have been met with enthusiastic response and won wide critical acclaim.

Currently the various groups within the main musical organization are extremely active. Their wide ranging activities include live, televised and broadcast music, colourful marching displays, concert performances, ceremonial fanfare trumpets, opening ceremonies at many functions and conventions, and dance and reception music.

The Director of Music for the band is Lieutenant William Mighton, CD, Mus. Bac., RRC.

The Director of Music Emeritus is Major Gino Falconi, SBStJ, KLMC, CD, Mus. Bac. RRC (Ret’d).

The Drum Major is WO Kevin Boyce, CD, RRC.

The Drum Major Emeritus is CWO R.L. Scott, CD, RRC (Ret'd).

The Band Sergeant Major is B/S/M M.E Morello, CD, RRC.

More information regarding the band can be found on their homepage:

The Royal Regiment of Canada Association

The Royal Regiment of Canada Association consists of former members of the unit. The Association meets the first Wednesday of each month September to June in the Royal Regiment of Canada Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess in Canadian Forces Armoury - Fort York. The main goal of the association is to maintain the comradeship and esprit du corps of the regimental family. The Association has recently (2008) co-ordinated a successful fund rising campaign aimed at obtaining sufficient stocks of the scarlet and blue full dress of the regiment to enable the majority of its personnel to parade in this traditional uniform on ceremonial occasions.

The association also maintains a site focused on the history and ongoing activities of the unit.


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