Richard Müller (murderer)

Richard Müller was a German dentist in the 1950s, convicted of murdering his wife, Gertrude.

On February 18 1954, Müller and his spouse were on their way to their house in Otterbach. According to Müller, they spotted a hedgehog on the road, and they decided to take the animal home to show to their sons. After Richard Müller had gotten out of the car, the vehicle exploded. His wife was burnt alive. Suspicions against him were first aroused when it turned out he had been carrying four full jerrycans of petrol in his car. Apart from that, he had parked his car so close to the trees along the road that his wife apparently could not have opened the car door on her side. It's said that Müller's motive was an affair with another woman.

In 1955 he stood in court in Kaiserslautern. He pleaded innocence, but was found guilty. He was sentenced to six years in prison.


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