municipal governments

Municipal governments in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Municipal governments in Saint Pierre and Miquelon are responsible for day-to-day function on the islands and are in effect city council or a level of local government under the General Council.

There are two levels of local government in the territory, Miquelon-Langlade and Saint Pierre.

The municipal council is made up of the mayor, advisors (conseillers) and associates (adjoint).


The local government of Saint-Pierre consist of the Mayor (Maire) and Council Members (Consillers). The council sits at a three storey structure on rue de Paris.

The current senior council consists of:

  • Maire de Saint-Pierre - Madame Karine CLAIREAUX
  • Adjoints - Madame Josée QUEDINET-DETCHEVERRY
  • Adjoints - Monsieur Frédéric BEAUMONT
  • Adjoints - Monsieur Claude ARROSSAMENA
  • Adjoints - Monsieur Rémi GIRARDIN
  • Adjoints - Madame Josée BEAUPERTUIS GOUPILLIERE
  • Adjoints - Monsieur Patrick LEBAILLY
  • Adjoints - Madame Rachel POUETH ANDRIEUX
  • Adjoints - Monsieur Yvon SALOMON

Unlike the council on Miquelon-Langlade, the general council members are divided into the governing council and opposition members.

The current general council consists of:

Les Conseillers de la majorité

  • Monsieur Norbert HACALA
  • Madame Thérèse POIRIER
  • Madame Claudette FRANCHE-RUAULT
  • Monsieur Jean-François OZON
  • Madame Maryse GORGET-TESNIERE
  • Monsieur Bruno ARTHUR
  • Madame Véronique GIRARDIN
  • Monsieur Jérôme DETCHEVERRY
  • Madame Marie-Luce BRIAND
  • Monsieur Jean-Marie QUEDINET
  • Monsieur Michel JACCACHURY
  • Madame Marie-Claire RIO
  • Madame Martine RIOU-MICHEL

Les Conseillers de l'opposition

  • Madame Jacqueline POIRIER
  • Madame Dominica MICHEL-REVERT
  • Monsieur Loïc FOUCHARD
  • Madame Tatiana URTIZBEREA
  • Monsieur Thierry LETOURNEL
  • Monsieur Pascal DEROUET


The local government of Mairie de Miquelon-Langlade is lead by the maire or mayor and Conseillers or councillors. The council sits at a two storey structure on rue Baron de l'Espérance.

The current council consists of:

  • Le Maire de Miquelon-Langlade Denis DETCHEVERRY
  • Adjoints - Stéphane COSTE
  • Adjoints - Gérald BOISSEL
  • Adjoints - Gino BONNIEUL
  • Adjoints - Chantal MICHEL
  • Conseillers - Carole EPAULE
  • Conseillers - Carine DETCHEVERRY
  • Conseillers - Flore ORSINY
  • Conseillers - Dominique AUTIN
  • Conseillers - Roger ETCHEBERRY
  • Conseillers - Marianne GUEGUEN
  • Conseillers - Yann BOUTEILLER
  • Conseillers - Paul-André LUCAS
  • Conseillers - Martial DETCHEVERRY
  • Conseillers - Cyrille DETCHEVERRY


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