[muhl-tee-tas-king, -tah-sking, muhl-tahy-]

Mode of computer operation in which the computer works on multiple tasks at the same time. A task is a computer program (or part of a program) that can be run as a separate entity. On a single-processor system, the CPU can perform preemptive (also called time slicing or time sharing) multitasking, where it executes part of one program, then switches to another program, and then returns to the first one. On multiprocessing systems, each processor can handle a separate task.

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Multitasking may refer to any of the following:

  • Computer multitasking - the apparent simultaneous performance of two or more tasks by a computer's central processing unit
  • Media multitasking could involve using a computer, mp3, or any other media in conjunction with another
  • Human multitasking - The ability of a person to perform more than one task at the same time

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