Multisyllabic rhymes

In rapping, multisyllabic rhymes contain two or more syllables. Rappers such as Cam'ron and Eminem employ this technique, which is colloquially as "multies". Multisyllabic rhymes are used to make rapping sound more "fluid".


Multi-syllabic rhymes gradually became more common throughout the history of hip-hop, with some of its earlier users being rappers such as Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Big L, Rakim, Kool G. Rap, R.A. The Rugged Man. During the 1990s, rhyme structure became more complex and rappers experimented with longer rhyme patterns. Eminem was partly responsible for the introduction of multi-syllabic rhymes into mainstream hip hop. His early work in particular often made us of these complex rhyme schemes.

Eminems recalls the innovation of multi-syllabic rhymes in his song, Yellow Brick Road. He describes his first encounter with future friend, Proof.

"I spit out a line and rhymed birthday with first place And we both had the same rhymes that sound alike We was on the same shit that Big Daddy Kane shit where compound syllables sound combined"


Eminem made extensive use of the technique in his early work. A great example of these multi-syllabic rhymes is seen in his song, It's OK. The rhymes are in bold for clarity.

"Praying for sleep, dreaming with a watering mouth, wishing for a better life for my daughter and spouse, in this slaughtering house, caught up in bouts with the root of all evil. I've seen it turn beautiful people cruel and deceitful, and make them do shit illegal..."

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