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Crop (disambiguation)

Crop may refer to:

  • Crop (agriculture), a plant grown and harvested for agricultural use
  • Crop (real estate), a plant cultivated and harvested on an annual basis. Considered as personal property as opposed to real property, and allows a tenant farmer return for harvesting purposes even after lease of land espires. (I.E. Tomato, Corn, Wheat, not fruit trees or any other self producing plants) [See Chattel]
  • Crop (anatomy), part of the alimentary tract of some animals
  • Crop (computers), verb, to put a file or information in a file aside for later use
  • CROP (political movement), Coalition for the Reassemblance of the Planet, group dedicated to a return to Pangaea
  • Crop (implement), a modified whip used in horseback riding or disciplining humans (as punishment or in BDSM)
  • Cropping (or docking), the removal of bodyparts, usually tail or ears, from an animal
  • Cropping (image), to give an image another aspect ratio, or to otherwise remove portions of an image
  • Cropping (as a hobby), the creation of cards and or scrap-books in unique and crative ways as a hobby (see Scrapbooking).
  • Crop factor, a multiplier factor in digital photography/imaging, compared to 35mm film camera focal length - see APS-C
  • Crop (hairstyle), a woman's short hairstyle
  • Crop (social event), an event where scrapbookers get together, at someone's house, in a scrapbook store or another event, and scrapbook.

The acronym CROP may stand for:

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