Teofil Pożyczka

Teofil Pożyczka (1912-c. 1974) was a Polish pilot during World War II. He served as technical officer in the Centralne Warsztaty Lotnicze (Central Aerial Works) in the Polish September Campaign of 1939.

Graduate of second promotion SPLgT, nominated ppor. In body of officer of aviation: engineering group with day 1 October 1937 curl 13.

Born In 27 April 1912 in Radom woj. Kielce, before war solitary had fiancée - only. He has finished Primary education in 1924, in 1933 Lyceum on direction mathematically - natural. Additional too he attended to City Industrial School memorial Jan Kiliński (Miejska Szkoła Przemysłowa im. Kilińskiego) in Radom on mechanical direction (1927). He worked as technician from 1 August 1927 for 1 September 1929 in State plant of weapon at installment of rifle in Radom. Has finished School of Officer Cadet in 1936 in Warsaw - engineering group. Last war degrees it major and British W/Cdr, there was pilot and technical officer, in amount it flew 900 Hours in majority on aircraft two and multimotor. From 1 April 1944 for 1 February 1945 Commander No. 300 "Land of Masovia" Bomber Squadron, from 6 May 1945 for 18 December 1946 Commander No. 301 Polish Bomber Squadron- 1586 squadron For Special Tasks.

As it is possible to quote interesting detail unlucky flight too, that has executed piloting Warwick with crew (already within the limit Transport Command) from No. 301 Squadron. It has flown to Greece 20 September 1945 through Hassani and Pomigliano Near Neapol with magic load. Definitely that would inform nobody be in that load, if failure of engine in K242 (Warwick there was not favorite aircraft of polish pilots, though Pożyczka used to say Such Machine!). Machine has not got for Athens. Had case engine at losing it and right wing. Pożyczka become wounded, nevertheless, his certain hand it has saved the rest of crew. Then it happens what was on board: carefully pack...Greek drachma`s.


*Virtuti Militari
*Krzyż Walecznych x4
*Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
*Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom) (DFC)

Shortened course of service:

* 1 September 1939- CWL Dęblin- Officer of technical oversight ppor.
* 29 October 1939- Salon France
* 27 January 1940- Eastchurch in Great Britain- expectation on ration
* 15 May 1940- training as pilot
* 11 June 1940- training as pilot
* 7 July 1940- 301 (P) DB Bramcote- participation in first combat tasks of commands
* 20 June 1942- 18 OTU Bramcote- instructor por.
* 19 January 1944- 300 (P)DB Ingham but next Faldingworth- Commander of Squadron
* 2 February 1945- Main headquarters 1 group, Ops room - mjr.
* 2 May 1945- 301 Commander of Squadron

After the war

He remained in Great Britain after the war, running a shop. He died at age 62 in hospital in Ipswich, County Suffolk, U.K., and was buried there.

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