Muju County

Muju County (Muju-gun) is a county in North Jeolla Province (Jeollabuk-do), South Korea. Muju-eup hosted the 1997 Winter Universiade.

Muju was considered by South Korean Olympic Committee to compete for the right to host 2014 Winter Olympics. However, the International Ski Federation announced that Muju will not be able to host such an event, and Pyeongchang entered the competition as the South Korean candidate city for 2014.


Muju is largely divided into two parts by the Mt. Sobaek that reaches to the south and to the north.

In the era of Samhan (Three Han states), the eastern part belonged to "Byunjin" and the western part had been under the control of "Mahan".

As the Goryo Era has started, the name "Mupung" has remained but the name "Dancheon" has been changed to "Jukye". After that, when the national administration district has been changed in the 14th Taejong ruling year of Joseon Dynasty, Mupung of old Silla and Jukye of old Baekje has been integrated and the name of this town has been called Muju.


It is divided geographically into two regions by the Sobaek Mountains. Muju is a popular destination for winter recreation.

Ski Resort

Muju is famous for ski resort. Muju Resort is situated on the northern side of Mt. Deogyu, is a multi-seasonal recreational area with large-scale facilities for leisure, sports, recreation. It is the hosting place of the '97 winter Universiad Games and it is equipped with the greatest large-scale skiing area in Asia, a water Park, a comfortable family hotel, grand international conference room and perfornance theater, mineral water pool, playground and so on.

Taekwondo Park

Taekwondo park was established by 2013. This project was allocated in Muju after competition of many other counties. After decision, World taekwondo expo took place in Muju and Jeonju area in June, 2007.


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